Do you ever wonder how the first tourists get around this rugged country? What kind of accommadation
and food they were offered? Why did they come?

The first explores came here to disover our "virgin" and "exotic" landscape which formed the basis for travel
that now flourishes across the country. 

The museum presents the history of Norwegian tourism from the 19th century until today. Here the 
visitors may use interactice screens as they wish. The auditorium offers four short films to choose from.

The museum is situated in the centre of picturesque Balestrand, on the quayside together with three autentic 
buildings from the early 1900s. Café. 

David Zadik, Norsk Reiselivsmuseum

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Holmen 12
6899 Balestrand
Tlf: +47 47 45 30 53

Opening hours

02.05 - 30.6  Tusesday - Sunday  10.00-16.00      
01.07 - 30.09      Every day 10.00-18.00
01.10 - 15.10  Monday - Friday    10.00-15.00

Closed of May

Tickets prices

Adults NOK 80,-
Children 0-7 years Free
Children 7 - 18 years NOK 30,-
Students NOK 60,-
Seniors NOK 70,-
Groups NOK 70,-

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